01. People in this [community] want to keep the area safe for children to play in.
02. She won an award for [community] service.
03. He is well known in his [community] for his work in preserving historic buildings.
04. The black [community] is protesting the treatment of black youths arrested by police in recent months.
05. Living in a housing co-op helps people develop a real sense of [community].
06. The teenagers in the [community] got together to ask the municipal government to build a skateboarding park in the area.
07. We just moved into this [community] about a month ago, and are really enjoying the area.
08. Herbert Prochnow once said that a city is a large [community] where people are lonesome together.
09. Winston Churchill once said that there is no finer investment for any [community] than putting milk into babies.
10. The maintenance of an ethnic culture is supported when the [community] occupies a recognizable territory.
11. Chinatown in San Francisco is the largest Chinese [community] outside of Asia.
12. Argentina once had the biggest [community] of British people anywhere in the world, outside of Great Britain itself.
13. Many coal pits have been closed in Britain, severely affecting the local [communities].
14. People who move to rural [communities] are often attracted by the lower crime rates and reduced pollution of the countryside.
15. In the traditional Polynesian economy, the majority of land is [communally] owned.
16. Participating in local events, such as sports tournaments, is a good way of developing [community] relations.
17. Farming [communities] were known to have settled along the banks of the Nile River by about 7000 B.C.
18. The Hindu religion observes that mankind is a single [community].
19. Each environment supports a distinctive [community] of plants and animals.
20. The earliest Christian [communities] grew steadily and spread their faith to all parts of the Roman Empire.
21. The number and kind of animals and plants making up a lake [community] changes continuously.

Grammatical examples in English. 2013.


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